Online Marketing

Your brand foundation is solid and your new website has launched… Now what? 

Online marketing. That’s what. That’s where Crimson Fenix comes in. 
We design effective multi-channel campaign strategies that:


Engages your prospects with high-impact ads.


Strengthens your brand to develop “top of mind” awareness.


Sets you apart from a crowded marketplace.


Generates more leads for your sales staff.


Drives more targeted traffic to your website.


Converts more visitors to buyers.

It’s time to attract attention, capture leads, fill up your sales funnel (if you have one) with eager prospects and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Sadly, it’s not that easy. You could use hope marketing. It’s easy, but it isn’t effective or scalable.

Our goal for you is to have a solid online marketing plan that fits your business and target market. Transform your website from a glorified brochure to a valuable business asset by deploying lead capture techniques coupled with a well-thought-out and funded marketing plan.

The cost of advertising is increasing. Your market is crowded with competitors. Your prospects have a lot of options…
but will they choose YOU?

For these reasons, and more, you need to get your hands on a marketing strategy that works as hard as you do to generate more traffic, leads and revenue. You need a system that integrates your offline and online marketing. And you need to get a better return on every dollar you invest into marketing your business.

We’ll analyze your audience to determine the best way to reach them, engage them and convert them. We’ll also create a cohesive strategy for your online and offline efforts, to build your brand identity and create a great experience for your leads and customers.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Crimson Fenix will work with you to meet your sales and other growth goals using a wide-reaching marketing campaign that integrates your online and offline efforts. We’ll focus on driving high-value visitors to your site through a variety of channels including social media, pay per click marketing, Google search and more.


Increase Conversions

Crimson Fenix will ensure your website is ready for new visitors and give them a great experience on your site. We’ll improve and strengthen your lead-capture and follow-up process to generate more leads, convert those leads into customers, and retain those customers for life.

Personalized Strategy

“Cookie cutter” marketing plans don’t work. That’s why Crimson Fenix thoroughly analyzes your business, your audience and your competitors to develop a highly effective marketing strategy for growing your business.

Email Marketing

Do you market to your customers using email marketing? It is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Capture more of your website visitors onto a mailing list, so you can follow up to close the sale. We’ll optimize your landing pages and messages to deliver more leads and sales.

It’s more cost-effective to sell more to your existing customers than to acquire new customers.

Your audience logs into Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Do they engage with your business? Do they even see your business?

At Crimson Fenix we get you exposure on social media.
We’ll develop a social media strategy that improves your online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving a website’s ranking in the search engine result listings of the major search engines. By improving the ranking of your website, you will attract more traffic, which will ultimately lead to more leads and more sales.

Millions of people are generating billions of searches on Google and other top search engines. We’ll optimize your website to put you at the top of the most-relevant searches in your market.

Why should you care about a marketing plan?

Get found

in search engines by prospects
looking for what you have to offer.

Get more leads

through content marketing
and social media channels.


Be confident

with strategies that fit your company brand’s personality and strengths.

Close the deal

using ways that build trust &
credibility throughout your sales cycle.

Generate more revenue

A website is a sales-generating
asset, not an expense.

Nurture and connect

your prospects with ongoing
email marketing campaigns.


If you’re looking for an experienced web design
and online marketing agency to grow revenue...

We’d love to help.

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You want the web to bring you more buyers.